Monday, 31 August 2009

Where was that 'on' button?

Another pile of litter slipped rustling and clanging to the floor as I looked for the damned wireless communicator. Most of it just joining older piles everywhere. Funny how a constant whine from the communicator gets everyone in a rush despite the obvious fact, communicators rarely bring news we want to hear.

Getting a bit exasperated and promising to let the janitor into this 'sanctum' of mine one of these days I finally get my hands on the communicater...And some cold pizza. Shakin that off I took a cleansing breath and answered the damned device with a neutral 'Hello'.

'Hiii Paaauuuul, you are alive then! awesome! guess what!?'

Crap, it's Pan again. Always Pan.

'Hiii Paaan', I reply half heartedly, 'Hows life on the Dwarf?'.

You can practically hear her grin on the reciever, I'm so glad I don't vid conference often. 'It's great, I'm pulling in alot of ore since you bought me those rigs, you won't believe it', I swear the grin is making a noise!, 'The temporal storms still got you land locked?', she asks innocently, still I wince.

Yup. I'm stuck. In station. Again. The temporal storms are a nice way of saying LAG. And while our sweet annoying Pan mines happily through the worst of it, a guy living on the edge in a super advanced (if rusty) Minmatar Battlecruiser dare not risk it.

Ofcourse Pan is a pal, and this is the first time she's really funded me rather than vice versa, so I try to keep civil. Trust me though, civil is not my nature.

'Okaaay well thats great Pan. Well er, look I'm really busy right now so-', I start, but while Pan is bubbly and annoying, she ain't dumb unfortunately.

'Uh uh Paul, no going back to that junkheap yet, I've been made a director'.
'And we need to talk about getting a fleet going'.
'And as an incentive I've made you a contract for 5 second generation medium projectile cannons'.

Okay, didn't expect that.

I rub my head nervously, being nice is easy, even for me, accepting niceties is hard work. 'Uh, wow. Thank's, yeah. Er...All you want is for me to attend a fleet op?'.

'Yup, look you need the isk, I need practice getting people to fleet up, and well, we are pretty much already a team, we almost have the same bank account', she says honestly enough.

'What's Vestri think of this?', I ask already knowing the answer.

'Oooh y'know, she's always off busy, I'm sure she's game', said Pan, already knowing 'VV' would be busy elsewhere and not overly concerned. The more I thought about it the more I realised this was a chance to get a slow and casual corp making some serious ISK some day.

'Y'know what Pan, this is good stuff', I say with a quit a bit more enthusiasm in my voice.

Later that same day, 'temporal storms' aside we were eating through rocks. Well, she ate through rocks, I looked impressive in my deathdealing rust bucket...

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