Wednesday, 19 May 2010

'I heard he's just some sort of really convincing AI simulation', Seraphina added as yet another mercenary cruiser broke apart in the wake of her ships collosal thrusters.

Her shields were gone long ago and to an inexperienced space the multi-megatons of punishment being slammed into her armor plating would have been horrifying. But Seraphina Oriana was not inexperienced, and her cool demeanour and idle chatter was not interrupted by such 'relatively weak' attacks.

'Y'know, you violate a docking code or eject that bloody damsel girl into space and he instantly tells us off, how can he be a real person if he's so damned fast!?', she continues as her ships armor plates are twisted by explosive forces only to whip back into place as if never hit by powerful magnetic anchors and the most advanced nanoferrous reassemblers on the market.

Her ship was eclipsed in my view as an equally impressive vessel drifted over my Heavy assault Cruiser. It was a Rattlesnake class Battleship (as impressive as Sera's Golden Amarrian design, though I'd not admit it too her face), piloted by my mentor and twisted genius friend Dossie.

'I heard he is more like a 'they'. A bunch of clones of some really successful deckhand that are always on call, I don't think an AI is going to be so easy to manipulate by any woman otherwise', she says in a blatantly fake and sickly sweet tone that inspires a chuckle in Seraphina.

They carry on the discussion as two Raven Class Battleships try a broadside action against Sera, their frightening arsenal fully capable of crippling most ships, even those of many capsuleers. But Dossie, Sera and maybe even myself had evolved far to much. Our minds were in every facet of our ships systems, we could adjust our shields to the perfect harmonics to dampen the blasts, polarise our hulls to negate damage, I'd even seen these two collapse a warp bubble and powerslide their Battleships sideways towards a Hyperspace gate on the knife edge of survivable decelerations. It was quite a sight.

'I think it's more likely that 'Scottie' is just an honorable title given to the deckhand and they practice the accent', I add as our combined guns make a mockery of the first Ravens shields.

'Well that's just boring', Dossie and Sera reply in unison as the Raven explodes in a halo of light behind them...

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