Thursday, 10 March 2011

35 days...

I stood looking up from the viewing gallery up at the monstrosity I was commissioning for myself, my hands gripping the mottled brown handrails tight as impatience came and went within me.

The room looked out into one of the many titanic docking chambers inside the Brutor space station, it's dark and distant walls over a kilometer in every direction almost leaving the whole thing enveloped in darkness. if it wasn't for the occasional window and the powerful robotic floodlights cutting the shadows with ease you might never quite grasp the level of organised chaos in that cold and busy Zero-G building site.

I let out a calming breath and put my hands through my hair, a habit I had quickly reacquired since hair had become a more convenient extravagance. For a long time I had, through a sense of practicality, ignored my appearance to save on the costs of cybernetics. It had left me a ghostly white skinned bald headed and sunken look not at all helped by my lazy and heavily ringed eyes.

I had made the change back to my original appearance for two reasons, firstly because the 'incarna' tech cloning bays were making it easy to take care of my looks, and secondly because my long time friend Pan Lu had described my head as an, 'angry albino penis'.

So I was my fair skinned, blond haired, blue eyed self once more. I felt totally out of place in a Minmatar station building the flying nightmare out there and looking this non-threatening and 'healthy'. I was anxious to get the beast built and prove that actions spoke louder than hair product.

Luckily my new project was the perfect tool for the job, a Marauder type battleship. State of the art, it's structural integrity field overpowered so much the whole ship lost it's familiar and almost warm orange glow and took on an angry and violent red hue. It complimented the black hull wonderfully.

The Vargur was ugly where I was now, well, handsome. It was aggressive and threatening where as the best I could show was maybe mild irritation, I was never a naturally threatening individual. I tried to ignore the fact that I was putting an awful lot of pressure on a flying rack of repeating howitzer cannons but hey, I'm Immortal, it's healthy to remind myself that I'm a petty human from time to time...

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